Eggs in Clouds

by Jo Kenny

Mr YDS introduced me to this one, isn’t it the cutest recipe name? Whether you’re going high protein, whole food or keto, eggs make a big play in diets, but they do have a tendency to get a little boring. This recipe is an easy way to creatively transform eggs into something really fun!

Eggs in Clouds

  • 1-2 eggs per person, depending on if it’s a main or side
  • 1 bacon rasher per person
  • Cheddar to grate

Pre heat your oven to 230c. Using whichever method you like cook your bacon until crisp, break into small pieces and set aside. Separate the eggs: the whites go all into one bowl together and yolks in one bowl each. Whisk the egg whites until stiff. On a lined baking sheet spoon out the whites and create a well in the centre, so they look like nests. Bake these for 3 minutes then remove and carefully add a egg yolk to each well. Sprinkle over the bacon bits and grate over your cheese and season. Return to the oven for one more minute.

Eggs in clouds recipe bacon keto

Eggs in clouds recipe bacon keto low carb

The rich and runny yolk with the fluffy egg whites is a dream. This is a dish that both looks and tastes really decadent, but with so few ingredients it’s a very safe low calorie option:

  • Egg: 78 cals
  • Bacon: 50 cals
  • = 128 cals (not bad huh?)

The calories from cheese depends on how much you use. A little tip: buy really strong cheddar and use the small holes on your grater. You’ll only need a teensy bit of cheese for big flavour!

This makes a great brunch and is particularly ideal for low carbers. You can use any toppings you fancy too! Spring onions and chives work great too.

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