Ebook: Food Styling For Bloggers

by Jo Kenny

The term ‘you eat with your eyes‘ has never been truer for content which is consumed digitally

To persuade people into clicking that follow button, or exploring your website, or trying your recipe, your food needs to sing from the screen. Beautiful, emotive food photography is the foundation for achieving success in the world of food blogging.

That’s why I am delighted to launch my first ebook containing my near 10 years experience of all the tips and tricks needed for successful food photography and styling!

I have been photographing food since 2012 and began as a complete novice. In that time I have taught myself how to take delicious, engaging and professional images of food.

It was a big learning curve, and improving my food styling and photography landed me many paid jobs with household names, and paved the way to becoming a published author of a cookbook. The blogging landscape has changed dramatically: people are now launching their own blogs and business ventures with a side hustle or career in mind from the start, and so there is no time to slowly learn the ropes.

My ebook is your shortcut to success.

I teach you all the tips and tricks of the trade giving you the shortcut to success. My ebook will arm you with all the knowledge to create beautiful, engaging and delicious food photography. Information is presented in digestible chunks with plenty of visual examples.


Good Food Photography Opens Doors to Success

The blogging industry is worth an estimated 15 billion dollars and many individuals are paving hugely successful careers for themselves. A competitive edge starts with beautiful images that tie into strong personal branding which will land you your own success:

  • Paid partnerships with big name brands
  • The most exclusive invites to new restaurants and experiences
  • Large, engaged followings on social media
  • Opportunities to work with prestigious websites and magazines
  • Book deals
  • Own product launches

What is included in the eBook?

You will have access to all the tips, tricks and skills you need to deliver professional, engaging food content.

  • 6 key learning chapters: Learn about tools, composition, lighting, storytelling, editing and hot tips that no one has told you.
  • Branding: Learn how to fine tune your own personal brand to make sure that your content is recognisable and stands out on a scrolling feed.
  • Interactive exercises: Use these to pin point your branding strategy.
  • Step by step tips: Over 50 tips and categories are included in this ebook, giving you all the knowledge you need to skyrocket from amateur photography to pro.
  • Visual lessons: Learn from visual examples of the right and wrong ways to photograph food.

Buy My eBook

If you want to improve your food styling and photography, and want to increase your success in the world of food blogging, then my ebook is for you! Filled with all the tips and tools you need to nail your food photography is available for just £8.50. Available to buy on Amazon.




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