Healthy Eating With Miele

by Jo

It’s been 4 months since Miele delivered one of their shiny steam ovens to my door. In those 4 months I can safely say that my culinary life has been changed for the better. Regular ovens are wonderful: they roast and reduce and caramelise and crisp. But one thing they ain’t so good at is retaining moisture. When you’re eating clean and healthy, moisture is key to keeping your meals enjoyable; I’m sure every person reading this knows the horror of dry chicken, yeurgh!

This is what the steam oven is really good at; everything that goes into it comes out juicy and moist. No leathery meat, no shrivelled vegetables. Just perfect, tasty textures. I’ve lost nearly a stone in the last 6 weeks and honestly the convenience of this oven has really helped me to stay on track. The cheffy trays make it very easy to cook mains and sides at once for quick meals.

Miele steam oven balsamic vegetables

Miele steam oven chicken vegetables

Miele steam oven salmon

Miele steam oven crispy belly pork

Miele steam oven belly pork pak choi

Miele steam oven steamed chicken

I own a steamer and it really doesn’t compare. I find steamers too small, annoying to assemble and they’re such a pain to keep clean, so they end up collecting dust at the back of my cupboard. The steam oven is all self contained which makes it so much easier and enjoyable to use. If you can put up with my gushing for just a while longer, I will close by saying that this beauty has genuinely transformed how I eat: leaner cuts of meat are back on the menu and my veggie intake has increased too because I’m so much happier with the texture. If you’re considering a new kitchen appliance I cannot recommend this steam oven enough. I’m so glad it’s in my life!