Easy Mango Pudding

by Jo

This one is for when you’ve made last minute plans for people to come over for dinner, or even for yourself on an evening when you fancy something sweet but don’t fancy the effort. It’s a formula that will work time and time again.

So this pudding really is very, very easy and it’s all about layers. To give it some wow factor, I recommend starting out with a glass receptacle to build it up in. I’m currently saving glass jars like crazy for our wedding but I’ve taken to using them for just this purpose as well. I know I know, jam jars have been given a bad hipster rep, but trust me – layered desserts in an opaque container look ever so… blah. If you can’t bring yourself to use a jar, use a wine glass instead.


Okay. So receptacle chosen, it’s time to construct your easiest dessert ever. Here’s a formula:

  1.  Cream: 75ml per person of freshly whipped cream with 1/2tsp of good quality vanilla extract.
  2.  Crunch: Biscuits of any kind you like. 2-3 per person.
  3.  Fruit: Any soft fruit you fancy: bananas, berries, mango… whatever you like! 1 small handful per person.

Start with a crunchy base. Put your biscuits in a sandwich bag and bash them up into large crumbs. Sprinkle a generous layer into your glass or jar. Next is a cool and creamy layer of vanilla cream. For a neater look put your cream into a piping bag, otherwise spooning it in is fine. Next, your soft and sweet fruit, chopped into small pieces and piled on top of the cream.


Repeat the layers of cream and fruit until you reach the top, then pour the rest of your crunchy biscuit bits on top. Finally, a sprinkle of cinnamon and a sprig of mint finishes this off.

How easy is that? Pictured is my version with ginger snap biscuits and sweet mango. Another favourite combo of mine is raisin tea biscuits and fresh raspberries. Once you’ve got this formula in your recipe bank it makes last minute puds a doddle!

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Rob October 17, 2016 - 9:30 am

As the infamous Greg Wallace has been known to say: ‘I like the base, base base…’


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