Durgol Swiss Espresso

by Jo Kenny

Once upon a time, I bought Mr YDS a coffee machine. When he worked from home it got all the love and care it could ever need. Nowadays? Not so much. It’s become one of those appliances that we spend less time using and more time saying, “We really should give that a clean.”

A shame given it makes a bloody good coffee!

Delongi coffee machine

Durgol swiss espresso decalcifier

So rather conveniently a package came through the door from Durgol, containing little bottles of decalcifier made especially for coffee machines in need of some TLC. Anyone who owns a coffee machine will know that without regular use and proper cleaning, they get horribly clogged up and churn out much worse tasting coffee than they’re capable of. Durgol claims to safely remove the limescale, restore your machine to it’s former speedy glory and even ensure that the crema top on your coffee is the best it can be.

Durgol swiss espresso coffee beans

Delongi coffee machine coffee beans

Espresso coffee machine cleaned with Durgol

The espresso shot certainly looks thick and creamy coming out! Using the decalcifier was easy peasy: you just pour it into the water tank and run the machine once to get the cleaner through the system and once again to wash it out. Thankfully the Durgol shots had no smell, which I might have found a bit off putting.

Coffee and beans Durgol swiss espresso

Coffee durgol swiss espresso

Crumpets with coffee

And our coffee machine has been brought back to life, hooray! I’d actually forgotten what a fantastic coffee Mr YDS makes, so I asked him to share his methods:

Coffee Tips

  • Be careful not to grind your beans too finely
  • Don’t over-pack the basket, which can lead to a bitter coffee
  • He finds semi-skimmed milk is best for steaming

Happy coffee making!

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