Dinner With Friends

by Jo Kenny

I think being in your late twenties is such an exciting time. Everyone has a good few years of life experience under their belt but still so much more ahead of them. Everyone is starting to establish themselves and hit the big milestones in life; for our friends Alex and Becky it was buying their first house. Now they’re settled in they invited Q and I over to dinner to see the new place.

Dinner entertaining

dinner talking

pots and pans


It’s a gorgeous little cottage with an open plan kitchen and dining space that’s perfect for entertaining! Alex and Becky are big on food like us, so their kitchen is full of cooking gadgets and gizmos. The menu for the evening was a casual American theme; exactly what you need on a Friday night after a long week! Even better a magnum of prosecco that Becky and I worked hard to devour!

dinner candles drinks

dinner cooking

chicken wings

Lightly spiced chicken wings with wholegrain mustard slaw.

appletons rum

Appletons: one of my favourite rums!

dinner girls

dinner friends

beef burger patties

Alex made the burgers from scratch and added extra deliciousness with flecks of crispy bacon mixed in with the beef.

dinner corn on the cob

dinner bbq sauce

dinner burgers

As if bacon infused burgers wasn’t meaty enough, our patties were topped with sausage; what a genius idea! We were all pretty full by this point so dessert was more drinks and nibbling on maple popcorn.

dinner popcorn

Yep, I like this age! It can be seen as depressing to leave behind your youth as you approach 30 but I find life so much more enriched now. Going out and getting drunk is still fun of course, but it’s not the only thing you do; there’s other options like staying in with good food and good company, celebrating new milestones. Although in aid of not feeling completely grown up, we did put on a little 90’s rap for dinner music 😛

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