Diablos and Dumplings

by Jo Kenny

Q scuppered my lazy Sunday plans when he suggested we cruise over to a car meet. I thought it was good idea until he told me it would involve leaving the house at 7:30am!

Despite rushing around like mad to get ready (me and alarms don’t get along at the best of times, let alone on a Sunday) it turned out to be a lot of fun! All kinds of cars turned up and whilst Q snapped away and got lost in technical conversations with fellow car enthusiasts, I enjoyed the aesthetics and that aspirational pang of envy. I must have uttered, “One day” more than a few times!

Jaguar Bruntingthorpe piston heads

Diablo piston heads


Mercedes slk piston heads

mercedes amg slk piston heads
“One day!” (Seriously, 100% my next car).

astin martin bruntingthorpe piston heads

It was a lovely clear day but bitterly cold. After two hours of oggling cars, I was frozen and in need of something to warm my bones! That’s where good old faithful Mii & U came in. We detoured on the way home to appease my hunger.

gyoza mii & u milton keynes

mii & u milton keynes gyoza

milton keynes gyoza mii & u

These gyoza got gobbled in no time at all! Mii & U do the best ones; they’re very light and delicate with just the right amount of crispiness. Oh and that dipping sauce they come with too, it’s heavenly!

wonton noodle soup milton keynes Mii & u

Wonton noodle soup mii & U milton keynes

Mii & U is basic to say the least. It’s plainly decorated with cafeteria tables and fold up chairs. It’s so cold that I ate with my coat and scarf on and we had to go hunting for our own soup spoons. You come here for the food and the food alone. A gloriously comforting bowl of steamy broth packed with noodles and sweet pork wontons. This is what warms your bones (and sets you up for a Sunday nap).

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