by Jo Kenny

Good things come in small packages. Small, chilled packages!

coyo coconut yoghurt chocolate review delivery

I’d heard good things about Coyo: it’s an Australian brand of coconut yoghurt which is eking it’s way into the UK. I love coconut so I was very happy when they sent me some goodies to try!

coyo coconut yoghurt review ingredients

Coyo has become pretty popular in the health & fitness world. Why? Well for starters it’s an all natural product free of processed ingredients. It’s also free of lactose, dairy, gluten, animal products and means anyone with a food intolerance can enjoy it. To top it off Coyo has no added sugar! Health opinions have made a real switch-around from the days when fat was considered the devil in our diets. Nowadays research supports the opposite: that fat in it’s natural form is something our bodies recognise and are designed to process, unlike food types such as refined sugar. For this reason higher fat, natural yoghurts like Coyo are deemed far healthier than processed fat-free/high-sugar yoghurts. Naturally occurring fats like you find in coconut do wonders for your hair, skin and nails too!

coyo coconut yoghurt review chocolate

coyo coconut yoghurt chocolate review healthy snack

The yoghurt itself is incredibly thick and creamy, it really feels like you’re eating a dessert and I found it surprisingly filling! I love that Coyo have a chocolate flavour as it makes a tasty, healthier alternative for satisfying a craving. It’s made with raw cacao, so the taste is similar to a dark chocolate. The coconut flavour (as you would hope!) is strong and very refreshing at the same time. The creaminess offsets the bitterness of the raw chocolate nicely.

coyo coconut yoghurt review berry

Coyo also do some lovely fruity varieties with natural coconut yoghurt and fruity sauce. Again, if you look at the ingredients the fruit is just that, with no concentrates or flavourings.

I really loved these yoghurts- their slogan ‘heaven in a mouthful’ is accurate! And I think it’s brilliant how good they taste whilst being free from any artificial ingredients. The tub sizes are quite large, but you can have it in smaller servings too: a dollop of Coyo with some fruit would be delicious! Admittedly this product is currently quite difficult to get hold of. Their website has a store locator where you’ll find your nearest stockist, but currently no large supermarkets have it. That said, I think Coyo is worth the effort of hunting down.

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