Cook It, Eat It, Live It Reviews

by Jo Kenny

My debut cookbook Cook It, Eat It, Live It launched 8th April 2022 and oh wow, what an exciting time it has been!

I wanted this book to be a really personal collection of recipes and they are just that: delicious every day meals that all make regular appearances at my own dining table. I don’t do boring dinners – ever! I have poured my heart into this book with stories and personal thoughts on life and food punctuating the recipes. It has been a real labour of love and and something that I have worked on for years before its release. And so, the moment where it is finally making it’s way through people’s letterboxes is very (wonderfully!) surreal.

Of course, once your work is released into the wild what follows is the nerve wracking moments of awaiting its reception. I am so delighted to say that Cook It, Eat It, Live It has received wonderful reviews. Here’s what people are saying:

Reviews of Cook It, Eat It, Live It

“A wide variety of food included in easy to follow recipes. But what I loved the most was the travel descriptions along with the recipes.”

“I would highly recommend the oxtail and beef shin stew with potato gratin and also the sticky orange loaf.”

“Not only filled with delicious recipes but also with helpful tips and delightful articles about where Ms. Kenny found her inspiration.”

“This book landed when I needed it the most and was looking for new ideas.”

“I love her Pan Fried Duck with Blackberry Sauce when we have friends over for a dinner party. It is an utterly delicious dish and perfect when one wants to pull out the stops.”

“Diversity of flavour for every occasion.”

“I loved this cookbook, all the meals I cooked were fabulous. Our favourite one was the katsu chicken.”

“This has definitely become one of my kitchen staples.”

“Absolutely full of delicious recipes and their inspirations”

” Jo Kenny’s work on this book and her website proves that life is an adventure, and food is a big part of that.”

Cookbook Synopsis

A vibrant and varied collection of recipes inspired by both travel and family ties to the UK, Japan, Guyana, the Caribbean.

This delicious collection of every day recipes satisfies appetites for light bites, indulgent dinners, fresh sides and delicious desserts. You’ll find a spectrum of dishes from rich, earthy flavours to fresh aromatics giving you meals to enjoy year round. All recipes are firm favourites in Jo’s own household and cooked regularly. This is family style, every day inspiration to ensure no more boring dinners.

Recipes are punctuated with stories of travel, food inspirations and a personal philosophy of enjoying food unapologetically. Cook it Eat it Live it is about finding happiness in the little things and injecting some joy into every day life through wholesome, exciting meals.

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My cookbook is available in hardback, paperback and ebook to suit all reading preferences.


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