Cold Brew Cafe

by Jo

So just when you thought coffee had done everything it possibly could, here comes the latest trend in caffeine. I suppose among the flat whites and frappuccinos and skinny-mocha-latte-do-dahs, cold brew coffee is a boldly plain and simple offering.

It’s made by soaking coffee beans in water for 12 hours, and that water is then served chilled. Simple as that! The result is said to be sweeter and fruitier. I’ve never tried cold brew coffee before, but this little cold brew independent in Milton Keynes sent me some of their produce to try.

Cold Brew cafe coffee review Milton Keynes

Cold Brew cafe review coffee Milton Keynes

The good news is, it’s a pure and healthy way to get your caffeine fix with no calories. If you like your coffee a little mild this might be up your street. Personally, I find it too weak for my taste. I like my coffee kinda sludgy, and I find cold brew doesn’t match the milky-cold goodness of an iced coffee.

What do you think of cold brew coffee? Let me know!

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