Christmas Haul

by Jo Kenny

Did you all have a brilliant Christmas? I hope so! Mine was spent lazing in front of the fire with family, drinking large quantities of sherry and of course, playing Scrabble! Along with some lovely pretty things I got a huge haul of food related gifts this year, it comes with the territory of being an avid cook/baker! So I thought I would share.

Olive nibbles dishes

Mediterranean style dip & nibble disheswhich happen to coordinate incredibly well with these…

John Lewis napkin place mat set

Place mat and napkin set, I like the idea of everyone having a colour!

Weighing scales

I’ve been using tiny, horribly cheap weighing scales, so I’m well chuffed with this retro beauty!


My stocking was filled with load of baking stuff, can’t wait to use all this, particularly the squeezy icing bottles!

Mortar and pestle

For the longest time I’ve wanted a pestle and mortar, not only for the function but just because I think they look really cool! The heavier the better in my opinion and Mr YDS got me this weighty beast by Ching He Huangcannot wait to bash up some herbs with this bad boy!

My Baboo egg cosies

Quite possibly the cutest present of the year, I love these egg cosy sheep!

Soup pots

Oh Le Creuset, one day I shall own you all! Absolutely loving these individual serving pots, ideal for stews and soups.

Knife block

If you don’t own a good set of knives, I cannot tell you how life changing they are. They turn food prep from a chore to a total joy and cut the time in half (pun intended). One year I got a couple of these knives from work, now I own a whole set!

Jamie Oliver roasting tray

A very practical, giant Jamie Oliver roasting tray.

Mary Berry

The lady herself. Some surprisingly healthy stuff in here, really tasty looking vegetable & salad dishes.

Picnic bag

How grown up am I owning a picnic set?! Most importantly is contains champagne flutes. Sorted.

Tea set

I have friends who absolutely hound me about throwing them fancy dinner parties (no pressure!) and I suppose now I own this rather lavish amuse bouche set (how ridiculously middle class do I feel now) I’m going to have to entertain their requests!

Afternoon tea stand

I also got this beautiful bone china cake stand, isn’t it pretty?

This is probably my last post of 2014 so I just wanted to say a huge thank you to everyone who stops by and reads, it means a lot! YDS has had a fantastic year and I’ve loved sharing recipes and experiences with you guys. Here’s to an even better year in 2015! I’ve actually got a big holiday coming up in May so YDS is going to take a seriously healthy turn, so stay tuned for loads of tasty, healthy recipes 🙂


sarah December 30, 2014 - 1:43 pm

Great presents! Love the egg cosy sheep!! cute!!

Jo December 30, 2014 - 2:44 pm

Thank you, I was very spoiled! I know I love the sheep they’re adorable 🙂


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