Chocolate Rum Truffles

by Jo Kenny

I love watching YouTube tutorials and I stumbled across this beauty the other day which I couldn’t wait to try! Both my grandmas have got a very sweet tooth and so I thought these would make perfect little gifts for them on Christmas day.


This tutorial is really straight forward and easy to follow, so I won’t repeat it. I’ll just show you the delicious results! I swapped whiskey for rum with my truffles… because I hate whiskey and I figured I should like the gift I’m making! You could swap it for any spirit you fancy really.


Rum truffle ingredients

Rum truffles chocolate chips

Melted chocolate


A word about cup measurements: this did make the recipe a little more tricky to follow being a Brit. Luckily my measuring jug has cups for the fluid part of the recipe. Just remember that 1 cup = 240g.

Once everything is melted and mixed you leave in the fridge for about 4 hours to set. Longest 4 hours ever. Once set you can spoon out the mix and roll into balls. It really helps to have cold hands for this, I used a bag of frozen peas and held it every now and again for a few seconds to stop the truffle mix from melting when I rolled it. I found it worked really well.


Rum truffles on baking tray


The mix makes about 60 bite size pieces.

Now once the rum truffles are made you can decorate them how you please. You can cover them with cocoa, dunk them in chocolate, roll them in sugar strands… I chose to drizzle them with melted chocolate and dust with cocoa powder.


Rum truffles chocolate drizzle


Rum truffles 2

Rum truffles


Rum truffles close up


I’ll be buying some mini cupcake cases and putting them in gift boxes. These were a lot of fun to make and they taste super professional: rich and smooth with an alcoholic kick. Give these a try and make something with love for the people you love this Christmas!

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