Chocolate and Love

by Jo Kenny

Now there’s two words that go perfectly together! I’ve become something of a chocolate lover recently. Not that I didn’t ever love chocolate, I just don’t tend to loooove it. Usually I can go weeks without any and not be bothered, but with Easter in the air it seems to have sparked my appetite!

Which of course makes reviewing tasty, lesser known chocolate treats for you even more fun! Chocolate and Love sent me this gorgeous box with a selection of beautifully packaged, premium quality dark chocolates to try. Each bar has a minimum of 55% cocoa solids, so not for the die hard milk choc fans.

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dark chocolate review chocolate and love

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Haven’t they got the most luxurious names? It’s proper chocolate with a lovely sheen and an even better snap. The mint bar has got an incredible texture which I don’t really know how to describe; sort of a firm crumble as you bite it. So so moreish! Surprising to me was how moreish the sea salt bar is too. Not even in a really delicious way; more of an, “Oooh that’s interesting,” kind of way. It’s a nice little challenge for the taste buds to work out!

All the flavours are subtle and natural tasting. The coffee one would be amazing melted and drizzled over a cake! The good news is that dark chocolate has less sugar and more antioxidants, which makes for excellent justification to have a couple more squares over the Easter break. Even better, all Chocolate and Love products are organic, ethically made and support the rainforest.

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