by Jo Kenny

I’ve just come back from a glorious fortnight in St Lucia! Sun, sea, sand, rum… more rum. Yeah, it’s safe to say that my diet on holiday was not the best! Getting five-a-day was not on my agenda and most fruit I consumed came with an umbrella in it.

Needless to say, I’ve got my responsible, post-holiday head on and trying to get some good nutrition back in my body. I was sent some drinking gazpacho before I went away and it’s handy to have in the fridge on my path back to healthier living.

Cho vegetable juice review

Cho is a Spanish company; they bottle drinking gazpacho up in the hills of Andalucia (how idyllic does that sound?) and have a variety of tasty, veg heavy flavours. A bottle makes up two of your five-a-day.

Cho healthy vegetable juice

Cho vegetable juice healthy

That note about Cho not being sweet? That’s not to be underestimated! I tried my first one in the same way I’d have a smoothie: for breakfast. Being veg and not fruit it’s very savoury, particularly the Tomato & Peppers flavour, which was a little confusing for my tastebuds! I’d recommend for a lunchtime/afternoon snack instead. They’re pretty refreshing!

Honestly? Smoothies do taste better. But y’know, they are made with delicious sugary fruit! If you want to avoid an insulin spike then drinking gazpacho seems the much healthier option.

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