Chinese New Year

by Jo Kenny

Happy year of the snake! If you were born in 1929, 1941, 1953, 1965, 1977, 1989 or 2001 this is your year! Use it to accomplish all your goals and be mega successful, or y’know, just use it as an excuse to eat more Chinese food…

We did exactly that and went down to our favourite Chinese restaurant (Taipan) to celebrate. It was a set menu and at £40 a head it wasn’t cheap, but we all had a good time!

Chinese new year 3

As we sat down we were greeted by this colourful looking guy who handed us two red envolopes: one was to tip the lion dancer and one was for us, but we weren’t to open it until the next day…

Chinese new year red envelopes

Chinese new year 2

Soon after we had a big plate of Chinese hor d’ourves arrive at the table: crispy seeweed, spare ribs, satay skewers, spring rolls and sweet & sour prawns.

chinese hor d'oeuvres

The spare ribs were incredible, I love that sticky sauce they come in too much! Cue sauce all over my face. Next was a steamy basket of dim sum.

Chinese new year dim sum

Mid-way through this course drums began to sound and in came the lion! Reactions from children in the restaurant were hilarious: they were grouped into those screaming with excitement and those cowering in fear behind their parents!

Chinese new year 8

Chinese new year 4

Chinese new year 7

Chinese new year 6

Chinese new year 5

Ears ringing the final course came out.

Chinese new year chilli beef

Chinese new year special fried rice

Chinese new year salted sea bass

I’ve never had Chinese fish before, but this salted sea bass was really tasty!

A fun new experience all in all. Oh and inside the red envelope? There was a lottery ticket, I won £10! Which will be promptly re-invested in more tickets. Wish me luck!

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Shaz February 17, 2013 - 4:53 pm

That looks amazing! I assumed Chinese restaurants were closed for it! The food looks incredible as well!


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