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Recipe: Seedy Snaps for Boursin

May 30, 2017

Hands up if you ate too much this Bank Holiday? Is it even possible to have a healthy Bank Holiday? I’m not convinced it is; so far every one this year I’ve spent socialising or seeing family, and this one wasn’t much different…

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Indulgent Snack Inspiration With Boursin

May 8, 2017

I recently learned the term ‘pluviophile’ which describes someone who enjoys the rain and gains peace of mind from it. Like a number of people I can absolutely relate to that: do you get that feeling of instant comfort when you look out the window and see that it’s pouring outside? I think there’s almost something reliving about it; like it gives you the green light for a few guilt free hours of relaxation – I mean you couldn’t possibly go out and run errands in such dreadful conditions, right?

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Peppery Pasta Salad

March 11, 2017

With a hearty base of penne pasta and packed with all kinds of raw and fiery veggies this is the kind of salad that’ll put hairs on your chest. The kind that’ll make you want to chop wood and grow a beard do other gender stereotypes I haven’t mentioned. You get the idea: this is a fiery dish that’s perfect for celebrating the arrival of warmer weather.
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Tricolore Pastries

April 13, 2014

Summer is so close I can almost taste it! Which got me in the mood to create something light, quick and easy for pre-BBQ snacks and picnics. This is classic Italian flavours wrapped up in a light puff pastry.

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Sausage Rolls With Red Onion & Feta

November 17, 2013

If I were an animal I would most definitely be a bear, because dark nights and numb feet make me think about nothing but sleeping in late and warming my belly with something hearty. Bears like warming their bellies, right? Well, they definitely would with this beast of a Winter snack: deliciously sweet sausage rolls with red onion and creamy feta.
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