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Bonfire Night 2017

November 10, 2017

Every family’s got their traditions, right? Well, for my family it’s Bonfire Night.

I think the general consensus is that fireworks are for homes with children (at least that’s the statement I get a lot when I tell people my Bonfire Night plans) but we’re a bunch of big kids I guess! We love an evening of fireworks; naff ones from the supermarket peppered with a collection of huge, grossly expensive ones that we manage to find every year from word-of-mouth pop up stalls found in remote locations. I mean I’m sure they’re legit…

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Embracing Messy Lives With The Panasonic SC-ALL05

September 24, 2017

As you guys know I’ve been collaborating with Panasonic for a little while now, reviewing their oh so shiny kitchen appliances. To date I’ve tested out and shared by thoughts with you on a blender, a food processor, a juicer and a steam oven… all of which I was really impressed with for how robust and beautiful they are. But going slightly off piste from the usual kitchen apparatus, I was recently gifted a portable speaker to review.

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Father’s Day Inspiration

June 14, 2017

Not long until we take a day to remind our dear ol’ dads how much we love them! Are you all sorted? Perhaps life has been ultra hectic and you’ve not had a chance to think about it, or maybe you’re desperate to do something a bit different to your usual repertoire. Whatever reason you might be in need of some inspiration, I’ve got you covered with some of my recommendations for treating your dad:

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2016 Hit List

February 8, 2016

Despite being a well travelled diner, I sometimes find it a little overwhelming just how many places I’m still yet to visit. It’s the ultimate FOMO. Whenever I go to London I’m almost annoyed at how many restaurants there are; I mean how can one person possibly hope to try them all in one lifetime?! In a bid to chip away at my ever growing list of places I must visit, here’s my Top 5 hit list for 2016.

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