Castle Inn, Wigmore

by Jo Kenny

In my opinion, there’s not much better than a festively decorated pub at Christmas time. There’s something universally enjoyable about stepping in from a cold shower of sleet and being hit with the warmth a roaring fire and that thick air a cosy pub always seems to have. About a week ago I ventured into Herefordshire for a family get together and we chose the Castle Inn at Wigmore for our meeting place. It had everything I look for in a festive pub: crackling log fire, rusticly decorated real Christmas tree, twinkling lights and some seriously delicious home-brewed mulled wine.

Castle Inn Wigmore restaurant review

The service was warm and relaxed, we were handed the menu to peruse whilst we warmed up.

Castle Inn Wigmore restaurant review Mr YumDimSum

Castle Inn Wigmore restaurant review menu

The Christmas menu was a simple one which didn’t venture away from the classics, and instead offered up hearty British pub staples like slow roasted beef, pork with cider jus and duck legs. Two rounds of mulled wine later and we were shown to our table in the beautifully decorated dining area.

Castle Inn Wigmore restaurant review menu goats cheese starter

Goats cheese is such a vice for me, I really cannot resist it on a menu! the Castle Inn offer theirs up in crispy little breaded balls, accompanied by sun-dried tomatoes that compliment the rich cheese perfectly.

Castle Inn Wigmore restaurant review menu duck leg main

My aunty’s main meal of confit duck leg arrived first and when I saw that delicious little parcel of potato I had a pang of food envy… until my dish arrived that is!

Castle Inn Wigmore restaurant review menu pork main

This here is pork with a spectacularly tangy, creamy sauce. Served with apples, roasted potato & parsnip & stuffing. This dish really surpassed my expectations. I had come to the pub expecting average Christmas grub but everyone’s food was packed with flavour and was cooked with great attention to detail. This of course meant that everyone wanted dessert- always a sign that the food is good when you have a table sighing, “Oh go on then!”

Castle Inn Wigmore restaurant review menu apple crumble with cream

I ordered apple crumble which arrived in an adorable mini dish, along with a jug of cream and a deliciously rich scoop of vanilla, which made us all chuckle as my cousin had been complaining on the drive down that you could never have both in a restaurant!

Castle Inn Wigmore restaurant review menu vanilla ice cream dessert

Seriously, seriously good crumble. There was a hint of ginger in the crunch and it just. tasted. heavenly.

The Castle Inn was a fantastic find in the sleepy English countryside. On top of a warm atmosphere and tasty meals the value for money was especially good, if I lived near to this pub I can guarantee I would become a regular.

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