Cantina at Revolucion de Cuba

by Jo Kenny

Last Thursday I finished work and headed across town to Revolucion de Cuba for a press event; they are launching their new Cantina Menu and invited us along for a night of cocktails, games and food. I’ve always said their forte is partying, so off I went for some nearly-the-weekend fun!

I walked through the door and had a daiquiri thrust into my hand (my kinda event) and headed over to where the others were hanging out. It was so nice to meet other bloggers around the area, some who I’ve been talking to on Twitter for a while. We finally got to chat in person over some cocktails… and moustaches.

rev de cuba cocktails

Rev de cuba cocktail

Yes, I did say moustaches.

girl eats world rev de cuba night

Having relaxed over rum (we were given all the new drinks to try; I can confirm they are delicious and most importantly, strong) it was time to learn how to make a proper mojito with a cocktail master class.

rev de cuba milton keynes powderpuff room

rev de cuba rum bar

rev de cuba milton keynes mojito

The trick is to make sure the sugar has fully dissolved I’m told. Easy enough right? They decided to make it a little more challenging when we had a go ourselves.

rev de cuba milton keynes drinking game

rev de cuba drink game 1

Making a mojito blindfolded, paired to with a complete stranger telling you what to do is not something I could have envisaged doing on a Thursday night! I was in hysterics though; an excellent ice breaker.

red de cuba game milton keynes

And not a bad cocktail we made either!

girl eats world rev de cuba

The rest of the evening was spent chatting over the endless plates of food which emerged from the kitchen, all from the new Cantina menu. Tapas, starters, mains, desserts: we tried it all! Oh and guess what? Fresh guacamole, hoorah! If you read about my last visit, you’ll know why that made me happy.

rev de cuba blog night

red de cuba milton keynes meatballs

rev de cuba chicken

red de cuba milton keynes

rev de cuba burger

rev de cuba sardines

rev de cuba veggie dish

blogger event rev de cuba

rev de cuba sweet nachos

rev de cuba chilli chocolate

rev de cuba churros

Whilst Q has learned to live with my need to photo our food before we eat, it’s definitely something of a strange habit to most people. So it’s always nice at blogger events to feel comfortable snapping away to your heart’s content with no funny looks! I had a great time and I think the others I hung out with did too. Like I say, Rev de Cuba are good at throwing a party!

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