Calabash Cove

by Jo

It seems only right to make my last post on St Lucia about my last night in St Lucia. And it only seemed right that our last evening on that stunning little island should be somewhere equally beautiful.

I give you Calabash Cove.

Calabash Cove Entrance St Lucia

Climb a steep little track lined with exotic flowers, park up, walk through an archway of foliage and be greeted by an open restaurant with the most stunning panoramic view of the sea.

Calabash Cove Restaurant St Lucia

Calabash Cove Dining deck St Lucia

Perfect, huh?

Calabash Cove is an exclusive little resort of luxury cottages and infinity pools that I learned attract a number of celebrities. Sadly, we didn’t spy any. Not that we needed to, because the real star of the venue is that view!

Calabash Cove view St Lucia

There’s cinema style seating lined up for you to enjoy the sunset with a cold drink. Having had my fill after two weeks of searching for the best Pina Colada in St Lucia, I welcomed something different! When asking what was good, the bar staff proudly advertised their own creation: a mango daiquiri.

Calabash Cover Waiter St Lucia

Calabash Cove Mango daquiri St Lucia

Holy mouthwatering mango Batman, that is one intense cocktail! Nothing for it but to sit back, relax and enjoy the sunset. Be sure to have to have your countdown well timed!

Calabash Cove Mango daquiri St Lucia 2

Calabash Cove Sunset St Lucia

Once the sun goes down and takes the searingly hot temperature with it, you’ll be in the mood to eat and handed a gorgeous, hand carved menu.

Calabash Cove menu St Lucia

Service, like the rest of the island, is smiley and pleasant with the level of your wine glass painstakingly attended to. We did however have to battle our case to seat our party of six in the otherwise empty restaurant at the front of the balcony, because this was apparently only where couples were allowed to sit. We told them otherwise.

Calabash Cove offers more sophisticated dining, with more intricate dishes and soft guitar playing live in the background. You’ll manage three courses here no problem and the hungrier diners might even leave feeling a little cheated. Don’t get me wrong, the food is delicious: it’s well balanced, bursting with flavour and the menu has a fantastic selection. But the portions are undeniably reserved.

Calabash Cover Lamb St Lucia

This lamb is just supurb; the mushroom tapenade is deep and earthy and the addition of sundried tomatoes is genius. But with deceivingly boney cutlets and at around $80, my stomach was disappointingly feeling like it needed to spend more purely to fill up.

Unfortunately our dining experience was let down when a member of our table who ordered the pork fillet, was mistakenly served a fillet steak, which had been cooked like pork and consequently obliterated. The meal was swiftly taken off our bill without question, but we all agreed for a chef to mistake beef for pork, especially in a high-end restaurant, was unforgivable.

Like I said, you come for the view. The food, whilst very tasty, is not the main attraction of this restaurant. Be sure to bring your camera because Calabash cove is a truly unforgettable setting and could not be more perfect for couples in search of a romantic evening, or anyone looking to mark a special occasion. We arrived early and spent hours just chilling out, no need to rush here!

Check out their website here.