Breakfast at Missoula

by Jo

If you follow me on Twitter you’ll have seen me moaning numerous times that Milton Keynes is seriously lacking in the breakfast department. We’ve got lunch & dinner cracked, but where does one go on the weekend to treat themselves to a hearty morning meal? I find myself always having to settle for Wetherspoons. Don’t get me wrong, Spoons is a fantastic place for a cheap bite to eat, but it’s not exactly the most luxurious of spaces.

So when The Living Room closed and was replaced with Missoula, I was excited to see a breakfast menu. I’m a little late on the review wagon as I wasn’t able to make the opening breakfast invitation (curse you day job!) but I finally got a look in this weekend. Walking into a familiar space it’s weird to see it redecorated, but Missoula have done a good job; it’s fitted with distressed wood, antlers and old fashioned light bulbs. What had previously been pretentious VIP booths are now welcoming dining areas, upholstered with cosy Aztec prints.

Missoula Milton Keynes restaurant

We were soon handed menus by the friendly waiter who swiftly came over and took our drinks order. We noticed after ordering our drinks that breakfast comes with bottomless filter coffee included, be sure to ask for this if you want it as we weren’t told beforehand, and other drinks are not included in the deal.

Missoula Milton Keynes restaurant breakfast tea

Missoula Milton Keynes breakfast menu

The breakfast menu is concise and inexpensive, falling into two general groups of waffles or scrambled eggs. There’s a refreshing mix of indulgent dishes as well as a few fresh and healthy options, take the seat trout and eggs option- perfect for the protein heads and carb avoiders! Being an American themed restaurant I felt it right to order the American Style Waffles.

Missoula Milton Keynes breakfast American style waffles

My very first impression was that this needed some lubricant; nothing that a serving of ketchup couldn’t fix in typical Brit fashion! Following that my opinion improved with every bite. First off, the waffles were great. They’re thick and satisfyingly stodgy with lovely crispy bits around the edges. The batter has been infused with maple syrup to give them a deliciously rich sweetness, which compliments the bacon perfectly. I’ve got to be honest and admit that I find American style bacon much better and I thoroughly enjoyed the streaky rashers I was served. They had an incredible caramelised rind, it was so crunchy and good! That texture made a tasty partnership with my eggs.

Missoula Milton Keynes breakfast American style waffles bacon egg

The only thing I think could have taken this up one more notch would perhaps be a nice American serving of maple syrup on the side.

Missoula Milton Keynes breakfast eggs benedict

Mr YumDimSum went for good old fashioned eggs benedict. The eggs had unfortunately been left under the heat lamp too long and cooked through, aside from this it was another very tasty breakfast with fresh flavours and a generous portion of ham. The portions looks somewhat reserved, particularly for an American restaurant, but we found the waffles really filled you up! We both left feeling satisfied and fuelled for the day.

I’m really happy another breakfast option has arrived in central Milton Keynes, particularly one that offers efficient service, tasty food and at low prices. Missoula is tastefully themed and an inviting place to eat, I found it refreshing to see families dining here- something you rarely saw with The Living Room. For that reason this could well be a restaurant I frequent more often and one that has potential to thrive. Missoula is out the way of passing trade so will rely on word of mouth to get punters in, I’ll do my bit and say that breakfast is worth getting out of bed for!

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