Bonfire Night 2017

by Jo Kenny

Every family’s got their traditions, right? Well, for my family it’s Bonfire Night.

I think the general consensus is that fireworks are for homes with children (at least that’s the statement I get a lot when I tell people my Bonfire Night plans) but we’re a bunch of big kids I guess! We love an evening of fireworks; naff ones from the supermarket peppered with a collection of huge, grossly expensive ones that we manage to find every year from word-of-mouth pop up stalls found in remote locations. I mean I’m sure they’re legit…

Every year we transform the garden into a magical Autumn BBQ scene! Fairy lights and chimmeneas and a BBQ filled with fire for warmth. Dinner is by moonlight, and BBQ’ing burgers and hot dogs in the dark is so much fun for me! They’re always topped with incredible caramelised onions which have been sliced thickly and cooked looow and slow in butter, seasoning and a little marmalade. We sit back with mulled wine and let the pyromania commence.

Yep. I’ll be carrying on this tradition forever 🙂

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Lorena November 11, 2017 - 7:13 am

Family traditions rock! Keep it going ? especially if it involves caramelised onions yum


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