Bone Daddies

by Jo Kenny

I just love this name. It’s soooo London.

Bone Daddies has been on our ‘must visit’ list for a while, with pictures of their food regularly appearing on my Instagram feed. And the thought of a steamy bowl of ramen on a Winter’s day seemed an ideal reason to finally swing by!

London Bone Daddies review

Bone Daddies London restaurant review

It’s down one of those gorgeously trendy little side streets. The kind with pristine red and grey bricks housing book shops and boutiques, with the odd fixie dotted about. The people inside Bone Daddies are equally trendy.

Bone Daddies London bib review

Me? Not so much! Couldn’t help but nerd out with this *fabulous* bib!

Bone Daddies London review drinks

Bone Daddies London Tokyo mules cocktails

We were handed menus on a clip board and our eyes instantly fell to the enticing cocktails and drinks. The Sake dispenser opposite where we sat nearly had me sold (seriously where can you buy these I need one!) but in the end we were won over by the Tokyo Mule. An absolute must for ginger lovers!

Bone Daddies croquettes review London

Bone Daddies London ramen review

Bone Daddies review London ramen

Arriving ravenous and ready to eat the entire contents of the menu, I was in hindsight glad we only ordered one side to share as the ramen was seriously rich and filling! That broth is other levels of creamy; it’s light in texture but so full of wonderful, smooth meaty flavour. Another round of Tokyo Mules did a wonderful job of complimenting the meal by cutting through with a refreshing zing.

I love these kind of restaurants where there’s no messing about. You come. You eat. You leave. In well under an hour you’ve gone from ravenous to gloriously satisfied, with an exciting buzz from the atmosphere within this little bubble.

I have to say I particularly like the vibe in Bone Daddies. The staff were lovely and attentive (a rare bonus in a no-messing-about eatery) and they manage to create an aura of calm in what is an extremely popular restaurant. As I slurped my ramen I was quite content kicking back and people watching… and deciding where abouts I’d put the Sake dispenser in my kitchen.

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