The Best Places to Eat in North St Lucia

by Jo Kenny

I will be forever grateful to my mother and father-in-law for packing up their things and heading to St Lucia to start the next chapter of their lives. Since they moved in 2005 Q and I have been to visit them countless times. Having a base to head to in the Caribbean is wonderful. I have never visited any of the other islands but I have been told my many who have that St Lucia is their favourite. I can imagine why.

North or South?

Q’s parents live in North St Lucia. Here you’ll find popular destinations like Rodney Bay, Castries, Gros Islet and Marigot Bay. There’s a harmonious mix of local life and holiday making in this part of the island. Colourful resident homes and family run beach side restaurants are just a short walk from the lavish holiday resorts. St Lucian restaurants are naturally geared up for the year-round tourism that the island receives, and in particular there’s a strong American influence. I guess with the USA being relatively close by.

What is The Food Like in St Lucia?

There’s a huge selection of restaurants in North St Lucia that will offer so much more of an experience than the on-site, all inclusive restaurants of holiday resorts.

That American influence features a lot in the restaurant choices, but among these you’ll find plenty of local cuisines to try. Local food is more likely to be found in small restaurants, huts and vans and at the side of the road which must be checked out along with the main restaurants! The food in St Lucia is lightly spiced and often accompanied by lentils or sweet potatoes. Roti is a popular dish: curried chicken, pork or lamb wrapped up in a flatbread to resemble a tasty square parcel. A great street snack!

There’s a wide variety of cuisines to discover; here are the ones which I’m most fond of!

Big Chef: Best for Steak

Being close(er) to both Argentina and America, St Lucia has some absolutely fantastic beef to offer. The best restaurant in North St Lucia for steak, and honestly the best steak I have ever had in my entire life is at Big Chef.

Now don’t let the naff name fool you. This restaurant is an absolute must for any serious steak lover who finds themselves in St Lucia. With its classic dark ‘steak house’ interior you do have to remove yourself from those lovely Caribbean vibes for a few hours, but the reward is divine, juicy and unforgettable steak. For me it’s all about the New York Strip here. I cannot tell you how beautifully sweet the meat is with a salty, smokey crust that makes your eyes roll back in your head! A 12oz strip with Courvoisier peppercorn sauce will set you back about £36 (sides not included). Come hungry and go big.

Spinnakers: Best for Happy Hour and Sunsets

This beachside restaurant on Reduit Beach (close to Rodney Bay) is the perfect spot for relaxing with a cocktail and watching the sun sink below the horizon. I don’t know what it is about sunsets in St Lucia but they are just absolutely breathtaking… leaving behind a wonderful display of colour over the water.

At Spinnakers you’ll sit in an open dining space covered by a simple straw roof. Once the sun goes down the timbers light up with a thousand fairy lights, which is a beautiful sight! It really is a lovely little spot… and they have a regular happy hour of buy-one-get-one-free.

Eugenie’s: For the Local Food

You can find Eugenie’s little hut on the boardwalk at Vigie Beach near Castries, overlooking the sand and the sea. Ask her what she has cooking and you’ll be amazed at the large menu that she can produce from such a small space. Silver pots of innumerable delicious things are bubbling away. Q and I enjoyed her baked chicken with plantain, rice & peas and a fresh salad. All washed down with a local Piton!

Two big ol’ meals and two beers set us back less than £15. This was honestly one of the tastiest meals I’ve eaten in St Lucia! You must try here!

Elena’s: Best For Authentic Italian

Italian might seem like an odd choice when you’re in the Caribbean but hey, this Italian owned restaurant has their tables packed every night so they must be doing something right. And since when is pizza on holiday not a great idea? The restaurant is in Rodney Bay and is a good spot for casual dining and they have a lovely deck right on the water where you can stare out at the moored yachts or observe the open kitchen and pizza oven.

Elena’s also have an incredible selection of gelato. Yep, ice cream… now we’re talking hot weather and palm trees! Their Strawberry yoghurt flavour is ultra refreshing.

Rituals Diner: Best For Burgers

That tasty beef also features in the ground steak patties at Rituals, located at the Baywalk mall at Gros Islet. A good one to have in mind for days when you fancy something simple; Q and I come here after hiking up Pigeon Island… there’s some very welcome air conditioning too!

Rituals Sushi: Best For Japanese

Yep, Rituals have their fingers in many pies (they also have a coffee shop). I use the term Japanese very loosely here because there’s no hiding that the sushi here is highly Americanised… but damn it, I can’t help but be fond of this place! Rituals Sushi is another restaurant located at Rodney Bay. The menu has every kind of California roll you could possibly desire from classic rainbow rolls, to teriyaki beef rolls (which Q loves). The dishes are picture perfect and super filling. Cold California rolls on a hot Caribbean night are ideal.

The Side of The Road: For The Coconuts

One of the biggest treats in St Lucia is cheap and 100% natural. Not to mention iconic! You’ll find vendors at the sides of the roads and stopping off for a coconut drink is an essential experience. Trucks are piled high with young, green coconuts and are chopped open with machetes. Add a straw and you’ve got yourself a beautiful, all natural drink. This brings joy like drinking from a glass never could! If you’d like some coconut water to take away the sellers can often decant a few coconuts into a bottle for you.

You don’t get experiences like this at your all-inclusive!

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