Bad Brownie Review

by Jo Kenny

Perhaps like me, after 2020 you got into delivered baked goods in a big way. Before, I had barely considered getting edible treats delivered to my door but I think it’s safe to say that most of us have at least tried it once by now. And it’s really good fun, right? I find it incredibly exciting having a box of goodies arrive at my doorstep!

Bad Brownie: Brownies delivered to your doorstep


Bad Brownie do just that, specialising in slabs of brownies in all kinds of forms delivered to your door, wherever that may be in the UK. The business is run by a chocolate loving couple from London who took their love of brownie to the next level after appearing on Dragons Den in 2015. I love stories of people starting out a little business in their kitchen and it taking off. Well deserved too, tell me this sight doesn’t make your heart skip a beat:

Ooft. Bad Brownie call their brownies ‘dangerously good’ and they certainly live up to the name. The quote on the box ‘bad choices make good stories’ made me smile as well. Too right!

Bad Brownie Menu

Bad Brownie have a wide range of delicious brownie and brownie related goodies. They have plenty of different brownie boxes to choose from, all different sizes and budgets. In additional to brownie boxes, Bad Brownie also sell baking kits, sauces, bundles, novelty brownie gifts and gift cards. Basically everything you could want to treat yourself or someone you love to something decadent.

I received the Bad Brownie Bestseller Brownie Bites Box to try. This contained 24 delicious bite sized pieces of brownie in 6 different and very indulgent flavours:

  • Triple chocolate
  • Fererro
  • Chocolate Orange
  • Salted Caramel
  • White Chocolate and Raspberry
  • Peanut butter

Needless to say I had a wonderful time working my way though these flavours! Like many of the products available you can pick the size of the box that you receive. So I received the largest with 24 bites but this box is also available in 12 and 16 bites.

Dietary Requirements

If you have any dietary requirements then you’ll be pleased to know that Bad Brownie have an inclusive menu, selling a range of gluten free brownies as well as vegan brownies and vegan brownie products.

Bad Brownie Prices

Bad Brownie have a range of options for brownie boxes so you can tailer the flavours and sizes really well to fit exactly what you’re after.

I received the Best Seller Brownie Box which comes in 3 sizes ranging from 12, 16 and 24 brownie bites. The smallest box costs £14.50 and the largest £26.

The most cost effective brownie option on their menu is the 14cm x 8cm Brownie Bar at £6.99, in both Oreo and Biscoff flavours. Ideal for treating just yourself. After all – why should brownies always be a gift for others? I like the idea of ordering this for a night of self care either in the bath or watching a film.

For £30 you can treat yourself or a loved one to the Bad Brownie Breakfast Brownie which is a lot of fun: a slab of brownie topped with very convincing looking fry up items, including eggs, toast, sausage and beans!

Shelf Life

One of my biggest concerns with buying perishable treats delivered to my door is how long they are going to keep. Especially as you will usually buy something sizeable that will last many sittings rather than just one (though who am I to stop you from trying to eat an entire brownie slab in one go…)

Bad Brownie bites have a shelf life of 1 week in a cool cupboard, or 2 weeks when kept in the fridge, which is ideal for many days of treating yourself and no risk of wastage. If you really want to you can even store your brownies for much longer as they are suitable for home freezing up to 3 months. I can’t imagine having that level of self control, personally.


Packaging is of course important for delivery of edible, and therefore fragile, treats. I was really impressed with the boxing, which is really robust. The brownie flavours are divided by card strips to keep them from sticking together, the brownie slab is then wrapped in nice thick wax paper which then slots rather perfectly into a sturdy cardboard box. I think your delivery would have to go through a seriously unfortunate beating for your brownies to arrive damaged.

If you are sending brownies as a gift then there are also a range of lovely gift sleeves to make your delivery extra special. This costs £2.50 extra and there’s plenty of colours and themed messages to pick from.

My verdict

Genuinely, some of the most delicious brownies I have ever eaten. They’re wonderfully fudgey and packed with chocolate chunks that have the most satisfying texture to compliment the brownie itself.

I really loved that these brownies come in bite size form so you can have a small treat, or if you’re having them as a dessert you can pick a few different flavours to eat rather than committing to just one.

Speaking of flavours, Bad Brownie have smashed the different options and they are all (at least the six that I tried) absolutely delicious. I feel a little boring admitting that my favourite turned out to be the classic triple chocolate brownie but it was just so incredibly rich and chocolatey. Chocolate lovers you simply must get stuck into this.

All in all I’m really impressed and Bad Brownie gets two very enthusiastic thumbs up from me. I can think of a few friends who’s day would be made if I sent them a box of brownie bites.

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