Amsterdam Part 1

by Jo Kenny

I got super spoiled this weekend. Mr Yumdimsum whisked me off to Amsterdam! This was our second trip and it’s stuck as one of my favourite cities. Amsterdam is just everything any young, lively individual would want in a city: friendly people, stunning architecture, independent eateries, quirky boutiques and of course, one very liberal attitude. I always board my flight home a little disheartened that Britain isn’t more like Holland.

Our hotel was nestled just outside the action along one of the many canals.

Amsterdam street

The interior of our hotel, The Toren, was just as stunning. Our room was complete with an open shower room, mega marshmallow bed, coffee machine and… a jacuzzi bath! What more could a couple possibly want?!

The Toren Amsterdam Yum Dim Sum

Excited (and hungry!) we wasted no time and set off in search of food!

Yum dim sum amsterdam

Amsterdam canal

We were quite picky about where we ate: being there for just a short time and wanted to make the most of every eating experience. But with cafes and bakeries and restaurants scattered down every single street making a decision get’s tricky! But as we turned a corner and saw Ibericus I knew we’d found the one!


Ibericus Ham amsterdam

This fine eating establishment specialise in one thing and one thing only: ham. Iberico ham to be exact, disgustingly expensive stuff, made from acorn fed, free range pigs that probably live a more fabulous life than you or I. The meat is cured and carved from the bone.

Ibericus ham Amsterdam yum dim sum

We picked up a simple ham baguette: just bread rubbed with a little tomato and filled with wafer thin slices of that famous meat.

Oh wow.

Ibericus Amsterdam yum dim sum

Happiest when I’m stuffing my face! The ham was top notch, so sweet and melty! It literally dissolves in your mouth. Who knew a plain old ham sandwich could be so decadent?

In De Buurt

Window shopping, wondering around and one hot tub later it was time to go out for dinner! Trip Advisor to the rescue! We trusted the good people of the internet’s recommendations and headed for In De Buurt: an industrial looking restaurant/bar overlooking one of the many canals. We were hungry, so we definitely needed starters.

In de buurt starter Amsterdam

It looks simple, and it is. But my oh my what a satisfying dish to eat! Inside those crispy balls is ooey gooey rissotto made with four kinds of cheese. You cut one open and it all oozes out and mixes with the tangy sauce dolloped on top. Lucious!

In de buurt coconut curry

Mr Yumdimsum went for soup of the day. Usually this is the cop out dish: the one the boring person at your table orders. But Amsterdam was absolutely Arctic and when the waiter said the special was coconut curry I got a pang of ordering jealousy. This soup was unbelievable. It embodied warm socks and hugs and fires all dolled up in a spicy little package. Souper tasty! (Ha!)

We were both predictable and got burgers for our main…

In de buurt chips amsterdam

Chips in a newspaper cone… but with mayonnaise? How very European.

In de buurt Amsterdam cheeseburger

Look at all that cheese. Need I say more? Actually yes, I should. I should say that if you’re a cheese head you need to book a flight and stock up. The Dutch know their cheddar.

We shuffled our full stomach’s back to the hotel bar and digested with cocktails and beer.

Duvel Amsterdam Hotel Toren

Hotel Toren Amsterdam

Doesn’t it look like you’ve walked into a novel?

Sebastian hotel Toren

Slipping into a food coma and my night caps taking effect it was time to get swallowed up by that marshmallow bed…

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Emma March 28, 2013 - 12:06 am

Holiday, and more importantly, food envy ! Looks completely amazing 🙂


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