Afternoon Tea at The Court Restaurant

by Jo

Sometimes experiences are much more special than presents, which is why I’m so glad my Aunty invited me and my mum to Afternoon Tea at the British Museum last Christmas. It did take us 8 months to organise, but I think we picked a great weekend! Going into London in the midst of the Olympics was pretty exciting. I was pleasantly surprised to find the streets weren’t laden with people, there was just a good vibe in the air.


covent garden Olympic flags

Wenlock London


After playing tourist around Covent Garden we strolled over to the British Museum. I hadn’t visited since I was a kid so I was excited to see it, especially the Great Court, a huge glass roof which sits above the stone walls. I’d poured over google images of it and knew it was going to be something special. I walked in and my jaw dropped.


British museum entrance

Great Court roof

British Museum


Its one of those spaces you walk into and never want to leave again. It makes you take pictures over and over in an effort to capture how amazing it is. None of these photos do it justice, you have to see it with your own eyes. Needless to say this was a stunning backdrop for Afternoon Tea, taken in the Court Restaurant which was nestled upstairs.


Court restaurant British museum


Its so light and airy, I loved how the light changed with the weather outside. The way it towers above the courtyard means there’s a lovely background hum of people murmuring below, that and the translucent canvas which covers you makes it feel like a little secret hideout.


Court restaurant table

Court restaurant menu


We opted for champagne, naturally.


Court restaurant champagne


Bubbles were just beginning to fizz in my head when the waiter came along and presented each of us with our very own little Afternoon Tea stand. Very pleasing to those like myself who worry about getting enough food when sharing!


Court restaurant afternoon tea


I loved how the Court Restaurant chose to inject a little humour into this old English tradition by making everything oh so twee, it added to the fun. Look, there’s even a cucumber sandwich!


Afternoon tea 5

Court restaurant cake selection


Each one of these cakes and sandwiches was an absolute pleasure. I tried my best to savour them in a lady-like fashion but it wasn’t long before I’d conquered one tier and was moving onto the next whilst my mum & aunty were still cutting into their smoked salmon bagel.


Earl Grey afternoon tea


When you’re nearing the end, out comes a plate of warm scones from the oven.


Court restaurant tea scones

British Museum scone jam cream


I never knew Afternoon Tea could be so filling, but I was stuffed! Again, if you’re anything like me and fear leaving a table still hungry this will be reassuring news.

From the afternoon I spent there I couldn’t fault the Court Restaurant. Amazing food, incredible architecture and when you’re done eating you get to entertain yourself with the wonders of the British museum, for free!


British Museum Egyptian exhibition


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Jorina September 9, 2012 - 10:41 am

Oh god that looks amazing. So much food as well! Love your top too.


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