A Review of Buy Me Once

by Jo Kenny

Disclosure: Items received were complimentary. As always all words and thoughts are my own.

If there’s one thing that I absolutely cannot stand, more so than the average person, it’s waste.

For better or worse, it plays such a huge part in my behaviour. It’s the reason I would rather clear my plate and feel uncomfortably full than scrape perfectly good food into the bin. It’s the reason I have bags and boxes and utterly useless packaging stuffed under my bed and in my cupboards. It’s why I continue to wear the same old (but perfectly good) fur coat year after year whilst my far more fashionable friends sport something new each season.

I. Hate. Waste.

And that extends to wasting my money. ‘Cost per use’ is my go-to barometer of whether something is a good financial investment or not. I’ve squeezed every penny out of the scabby old coat of mine!

Buy Me Once introduced themselves to me over the Summer, and the concept of their business is made for waste-haters like myself. They source and sell products that are built to last so that in the long run, they help the environment and your bank account. That doesn’t necessarily mean a bargain, but it does mean investing in durable items that won’t break on you, or only last for a short while.

Basically, Buy Me Once are super fans of the cost-per-use rule.

My package arrived, beautifully wrapped up and full of long-lasting kitchen items.

  • Re-useable cloth for wrapping presents.
  • Cast iron pan
  • Garlic crusher
  • Re-useable bees-wax food wrap
  • Re-useable rubber straw.

Even the label is designed to be used again! (and how cute?!)

So I got this package in June… and here we are in November. I took photos and I ooh’ed and aah’ed over how original and attractive they were. But as products sold to be long-lasting I figured I should put them through their paces to see if they stood up to that claim.

The garlic crusher I was sent was pleasingly heavy and robust feeling, and once I’d got over the initial reaction of, “Ah, I’ve already got one of those,” I realised it actually works a lot better than my old one: after you’re done crushing you neatly flip it over and it pokes the inner garlicky bits out and hey presto! No garlic wastage either! It’s a steal at £6.99 and comes with a lifetime guarantee.

Bees wax wrap is something which you can’t help but feel like a good person when using. You can hand wash this wrapping and use it over and over, so it’s far more sustainable and in the long run, better value than rolls of cling film. It costs £18.95 for a pack of three, which is around the same price for a years worth of decent quality cling film. It smells lovely and natural and wraps pretty nicely around bowls of leftovers as well as fruit and bread. It is however quite waxy as the name suggests so you need to wash your hands after as they can be left quite sticky (albeit lovely smelling!)

Over the last few months, the absolute winner for me out of everything though was this cast iron pan… which comes with a MULTI-CENTURY warranty!

Make sure you leave the receipt to your great grandchildren in your Will, because if this thing goes kaput they can get their (your) money back! I mean you get the idea… this is a pretty big investment of £169 upfront, but it’s a piece of kitchenware that will last for the rest of your life.

Let’s say I cook with this pan for two-thirds of a year. Over the course of 50 years that would be a cost-per-use of a penny!

Cost-per-use heaven. In the four months that I’ve had this pan it’s become a firm favourite in our kitchen… and it was pretty poetic that our trusty (“trusty”) old faithful pan that we’d had for a few years wore through it’s non-stick coating shortly after owning this new one.

Cast iron needs a little more love as it needs to be seasoned (Buzzfeed actually have a great tutorial for this) but they’re basically indestructible.

Yep. Big fan of this way of shopping. Buy Me Once also sell clothing, beauty, homewares and electrical goods… I could liken them to a more eco-friendly John Lewis: with carefully sourced, quality items with an added undertone of sustainability. I’m a big fan of the detailed descriptions which accompany each item, telling you all about how the product has been made and how long it is intended to last.

I wonder if they sell fur coats…

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