7 Ideas For Picnic Foods

by Jo Kenny

As you know I am all about the simple pleasures in life. I firmly believe that if you cannot enjoy the little things then life is going to be one giant bore. Big milestones don’t come around often enough to keep us happy so we must find joy in the smaller aspects of life. Whether it’s a great cup of coffee, sitting with family at a beautifully laid dinner table, or as Summer rolls around getting up close to nature with a picnic.

7 Recipes for Picnic Foods


Here are some of my recipes that I think are perfect picnic foods, whether you have a sweet tooth or fancy some savoury. All are easy to transport in tins or plastic containers and should leave minimal mess which is ideal for a stress free picnic. For me a picnic is a classic affair and I love to include traditional recipes that not only add to the atmosphere but are sure crowd pleasers. bring any of these recipes along to your picnic and they’ll be sure to be received with pleasure!

Cheese and Onion Scones

A real classic and not to mention a crowd pleaser! Scones are the perfect picnic food and savoury scones can be enjoyed simply buttered or filled with cheese. Scones are surprisingly easy to make as well so they’re an easy way to bring a little sophistication to your picnic.

Banana and Carrot Cake

This is a delicious traybake cake that is very easy to transport making it an ideal picnic food. It combines two classic cakes to make a tasty twist; full of moisture and delicious banana flavour. With no icing this recipe is a great mess free recipe for your picnic.

Rum and Raisin Fudge

Something small and sweet for when you’re all getting full! Fudge is a great picnic food to nibble on after the main event. Cut into bite size pieces and store in a small plastic container – fudge is very easy to transport to your picnic.

Watermelon and Feta Salad

As picnics (usually – you never know in the UK!) take place on warm days it’s nice to bring something cool and refreshing to eat. This watermelon and feta salad is an ideal picnic food for doing just that! Lovely chunks of refreshing watermelon, tangy feta and crunchy glazed walnuts make this salad a delicious addition to your picnic.

Blueberry Muffins

Who doesn’t love a blueberry muffin? These ones are wonderfully rustic and will fit your picnic aesthetic perfectly. Store in a cake tin to keep them fresh and free from being squashed in transport.

Caramel Brookie

This is my wild card picnic food, if you fancy something a little less traditional and more indulgent. You’re sure to be popular if your bring these along to your picnic! A thick layer of chocolate chip cookie topped with caramel and rich chocolate brownie. A real treat! Cut these into small squares so they’re a suitable picnic food size.

Seedy snaps for cheese

Better than a plain cracker; try bringing some delicious homemade seedy snaps to your picnic! These are filled with tasty seeds and cranberries for a fruity hit. Just delicious topped with cheese, especially a soft herby cheese.

What makes a good picnic?

  • A tranquil setting: For me a picnic is a relaxing affair, where you can enjoy nature and the company of who you’re with. I would prefer not to be disturbed by the loud conversations of others or risk having a football fly across the food! A clearing in the woods, a river setting or picnic friendly National Trust grounds is the ideal place to enjoy a picnic.
  • Sensible Parking: You will need to carry whatever you are eating, drinking and sitting on to and from your car so be sure to pick a spot that doesn’t involve hauling your gear for miles. Investing in a picnic backpack can be really handy for transporting your cutlery, blanket and food.
  • ‘Clean’ foods: What I mean by this is food that isn’t too liquidy, as you’ll likely be transporting it in your car and the risk of mess means more stress… not the aim of a picnic! Cakes, crackers and bread based foods are ideal for picnics. Salads are great too, but avoid really saucy ones such as a potato salad. If you are in the mood for messy food be sure to bring plenty of kitchen towel for any spills or clean up required.
  • Classic foods: I feel like picnics hold the same ambience as afternoon tea: they’re very British and very traditional. I personally like to hold onto that vibe and serve up classic flavours and natural foods. Fruit cakes, cheeses, vegetable crudités and fruits are all welcome picnic foods!
  • Ice packs: Vegetable crudités, fruits and salads will welcome some temperature control especially on a hot Summer day. Keep your picnic food crisp by packing an ice pack or two.

Other picnic essentials

Don’t forget these items to make sure that your picnic is enjoyable and stress free!

  • Sun cream: be sure not to burn on your Summer picnic!
  • A bin liner for rubbish: remember the saying ‘take nothing but your photographs and leave nothing but your footsteps’
  • Enough blankets: your spread of picnic food will take up a surprising amount of space so make sure there is enough blankets to go around for everyone to sit on.
  • Hand wipes: for sticky fingers.
  • Kitchen towel: for any spills.
  • A bottle opener/corkscrew: very important if you’re planning a boozy one.

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I hope that you found this guide for picnic foods helpful and it has given you some inspiration on what to bring for your next picnic. Keep this list of picnic foods easy to access by pinning a pic.

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