2016 Hit List

by Jo Kenny

Despite being a well travelled diner, I sometimes find it a little overwhelming just how many places I’m still yet to visit. It’s the ultimate FOMO. Whenever I go to London I’m almost annoyed at how many restaurants there are; I mean how can one person possibly hope to try them all in one lifetime?! In a bid to chip away at my ever growing list of places I must visit, here’s my Top 5 hit list for 2016.

Dip & Flip

So burgers have been a thing for a while. Yea they’ve been around forever but y’know; in recent years they got all trendy, and with it they got all juicy and cheesy and brioche bunny… where was I? Ah yes: the point that Dip & Flip have taken the almighty burger and made it mightier by serving it with a bowl of delicious gravy for dunking. It just sounds gloriously gluttonous and I need to indulge.

Duck & Waffle

I can’t say it’s even the food that’s made this creep onto my hit list. It’s more that fantastic location high above the city! Oh and the cocktails that I drool over Rich Woods making on Instagram.

The Dorchester

I adore afternoon tea and it’s been an extremely long time since I had one. The Dorchester have one of the most reputable afternoon teas in London and each dainty, pretty picture I see of their cakes makes me so very envious that I’m yet to try one!

The Hand and Flowers

When I left my last job, my incredible colleagues sent me off with a voucher for The Hand and Flowers which blew me away. It’s valid until 2020 (I know) because of the obscene waiting lists, but I am determined to get in there this year! Pub grub with two Michelin stars? I am so excited about experiencing that.

Sushi Samba

This one is on my hit list for a big weekend in London with Q. Posh hotel, nice outfit and fabulous sushi in that wonderfully stylish restaurant… all washed down with a good few cocktails! Sushi Samba oozes effortless glamour to me, I need a bit of that soon! I would love love love to get involved in their Kobe Programme, but at £144 for a ribeye I think that’ll have to stay off the hit list for a little while!

So, what’s on your hit list? Let me know!


Rob February 11, 2016 - 10:32 am

So many I can’t choose! Would love to visit Bone Daddies, Pizza Pilgrims, Hoppers, Blacklock, The Newman Arms or Chick N Sours, but that’s just London. As for the rest of the country well; Sticky Walnut, The Man Behind The Curtain, Midsummer House as well as a bajillion others…

Kerry February 26, 2016 - 5:12 pm

If you like gin at all, The Viaduct Tavern opposite the Old Bailey, in London, is a good visit for an afternoon drink. It’s an old Victorian gin palace which used to be a prison downstairs. The decor hasn’t changed much so if you like a vintage feel, it could be your kind of place. It’s only open on weekdays though as they hire it out on weekends. It’s website is http://www.viaducttavern.co.uk/. Definitely worth a look.

Kerry February 26, 2016 - 5:14 pm

Sorry, bad grammar. It should read ‘its website’. Unnecessary apostrophe dropped in there…


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