March 10, 2014

Finding a decent Caribbean vendor in Milton Keynes has been a bumpy ride.  My biggest gripe is that there are not more around, I mean it’s such a great genre of food! Back when Turtle bay opened we got sucked in by its good looks and promising great value, but soon started to feel neglected by the decreasing portion sizes and unpredictable spice levels with each visit. So not long after we broke things off, though we still meet up for drinks.

Then along came Palm Tree takeaway. Authentic but careless, they made us fall in love with their flavours and then broke our hearts with every incorrect order and despicably long delivery time (I’m talking over 3 hours). They promised they’d change, that next time they’d get it right. But they never came through for us, and so we said an angry good bye.

We’ve been left with a Caribbean shaped hole in our hearts ever since. Would we ever find the one?! Well this weekend, we may have done just that when we stumbled across Sonny’s. *Excitement!*

Sonnys Jamaican takeaway Milton Keynes

We found them whilst getting the car washed on Watling street, in a bamboo covered trailer. Snapping up a menu (and playing it oh so smooth) we told them we’d be back for dinner! Sure enough, we returned at night to find a small queue of people with the same idea. Seems Sonny’s isn’t quite the hidden a gem after all!

The guys who run Sonny’s are so incredibly nice, they smile & joke as they take your order and even have delicious pots of complimentary soup for customers to eat whilst they wait in the cold. The spiced vegetable soup was absolutely delicious and made me really excited to get our order home.

Sonnys Jamaican takeaway Milton Keynes curry goat curry chicken

Sonnys Jamaican takeaway Milton Keynes plantain

Caribbean grub is so hard to photograph! I wish I could do it justice, because the flavours were juuuust amazing. It tastes like the kind of recipes that get handed down through generations: perfected and made with pride. We got curry goat, curry chicken, rice & peas and a portion of plantain. Each element had me dancing around in my chair with happiness!

I think we’ve finally found somewhere that offer up fantastic food as well as wonderful service, I’m so happy! Next time you want a takeaway please go check out Sonny’s, I cannot recommend the food enough!

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  • Reply Phil March 10, 2014 at 11:01 pm

    They can also be found at the Kiln Farm club off of Watling street. Great food and great club so you can have a beer while you wait. Try them! You won’t be sorry!

  • Reply Joseph A West September 13, 2014 at 9:13 pm

    Sonny’s have moved to Unit 6a, 11 Second Avenue, Denbigh, MK1 1ED 01908 299 380/ 07508 156 686.

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