Simple Sultana Cake

June 11, 2012
sultana cake recipe

Sultana sponge cake

So I didn’t learn from the cupcake fiasco and opened up another can of worms with this little purchase:
non stick loaf tin

Ever the impatient one I hauled what baking dregs I had out of my cupboard and whipped a block of butter under my jumper as I scanned the internet for a cake recipe I had the means to make. The result was a simple sultana sponge with some sliced apple on top for extra sweetness, drizzling over some honey to get them nice and caramelised .

sponge cake

Sultana sponge cake

Sultana cake

This was so quick and easy, though I recommend using a bit less flour than the recipe suggests and a few more sultanas. When it came out the oven I drizzled over a bit more honey, dusted with icing sugar and enjoyed a slice (okay two) with a cup of tea. Simple cake for simple pleasures!

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  • Reply shirl January 15, 2017 at 8:21 am

    What is recipe for sultana cake you only posted ending and how great tasted and topping added I would like to enjoy from shirl in Nashville TN email trying to learn to eat ketogenic and need to loose 60 pounds. Help.

    • Reply Jo January 15, 2017 at 3:11 pm

      Hi, there is a link to the recipe within the blog post – recipe is not mine. Definitely not a keto recipe either! Search for ‘Keto’ in the top right search bar and it’ll being up all my low carb recipes 🙂

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