February 20, 2016

Q and I lived in Portsmouth for a few years. It had its ups and downs! I don’t miss the wind or the cold, salty rain that was driven in from the Sea. I don’t miss the football chants or the gauntlet of insurance salesman and charity muggers that swarmed the high street.

But what I do miss, is the food.

There’s an incredibly diverse choice of dining options (Ethiopian, Lebonese, Argentinian) and there are a few spots that are so very nostalgic for me. Going back to visit is of course much more seldom nowadays being two hours from our new home, but Q had a sitting with his tattooist booked just down the road, and so you guessed it, we used that as an excuse for stopping by!

But first, a few hours sat in the waiting room for me! I caught up on emails and picking photos whilst Q put on his brave face! (I’m afraid I wasn’t allowed to share a picture of his brave face.)

Sakura portsmouth girl eats world

The aftermath was one sore boyfriend and one hungry girlfriend, ready to delve into some delicious Japanese dishes! It was a good thing we’d booked; as I pushed open the little wooden door I saw that nearly every table was taken! Sakura was popular as ever.

Sakura portsmouth decor

sakura Q girls eats world portsmouth

Gyoza sakura portsmouth

sakura portsmouth tempura

sakura portsmouth sashimi

Sakura portsmouth mochi ice cream tempura ice cream

A Japanese restaurant on the coast means fantastically fresh sushi. I fancied the pure and simple option so went for a platter of beautiful sashimi: tuna, salmon, octopus, prawns, scallops… all chilled and refreshing. The salmon sashimi was eye-rollingly good; so very soft and sweet! And speaking of sweet, the tempura ice cream and rich chocolate mochi evoked much the same reaction.

*sigh* Until next time Sakura! I’ll miss you!

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