Rum Dim Sum

June 9, 2013

Today is a very special day. Yum Dim Sum is one year old! A year of reviews, recipes and all the delicious bits in between! To celebrate I devised a lovely little cocktail from a delicious bottle of cappuccino infused liqueur I got from St Lucia. After all, it’s not a proper birthday without a drink, is it?

Rum Dim Sum Cocktail St Lucia Javalatte

I discovered Javalatte at the end of a tour of the rum distillery, where we were left to our own devices with a row of 20 rums & liqueurs to taste. (All tours should end like this).

St Lucia rum distillery

Among the classic rums, the fruity liqueurs and spirits that threatened to make you blind, the Javalatte cappuccino cream really stood out for me. It’s super smooth and luxurious; a lot like Baileys but not as sickly and with a lovely, deep coffee after taste. Only £9.00 as well, what a bargain!

St Lucia Javalatte cappuccino cream

I felt like this was crying out to be made into a creamy cocktail, a grown up milkshake if you like!

Rum Dim Sum

  • You’ll need an electric blender.
  • 4-6 shots of Javalatte cappuccino cream
  • 2 shots of Cointreau
  • 2 cups of freshly brewed espresso
  • 350ml milk
  • 1 banana
  • Ice cubes (enough to fill up one of your drinking glasses)
  • These measures will make 2 drinks

If you don’t have a coffee maker you can use instant, just be sure to make it strong and short. Using freshly ground beans will really intensify the flavour though.

St Lucia Javalatte

Place everything in your blender and blast it for 30 seconds or until the ice is completely broken down. Pour into your glasses with a wedge of orange and a suitably bright straw. Your Rum Dim Sum is served!

Rum Dim Sum Javalatte cocktail

The Javalatte is super smooth so you might find yourself drinking this cocktail as if it really were a milkshake! The banana adds a nice rich thickness whilst the Cointreau gives a little fruity hit. The espresso is a must to compliment the flavour of the cappuccino cream. A perfect cooling drink for a Summer’s eve!

A big thank you to all the Yum Dim Sum readers for following my foodie adventures! The site will be undertaking a cheeky little re-design soon to mark the occasion, so watch this space!

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    Happy birthday!

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      And to you too Miss Herby!

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