Hoo Hing

December 31, 2012
Hoo Hing Bletchley Chinese pork duck rice cover

Myself & Mr YumDimSum have lived in the Milton Keynes area for over two decades, HOW did neither of us know that there was a Chinese supermarket hiding away in Bletchley?! We learned of Hoo Hing a few days ago so off we went to play.

This Chinese supermarket has a cafe, something we have sorely missed since we left our favourite one from our uni days down in Portsmouth. These kind of cafe’s are hard to find outside of large cities or Chinese communities, but once you find one of these gems you’ll be back again and again. They’re stark and dingy little places, it’s kind of their charm! It’s all about that hard working kitchen out back cooking up incredible, authentic Chinese food. And the best thing about a Chinese cafe? It’s cheap!


Hoo Hing Bletchley Chinese pork duck rice


This lovely plate of roast duck, char su pork and rice, smothered in sweet soy sauce cost just £3.95!


Hoo Hing Bletchley Chinese duck rice


Fuelled for browsing we took to the endless aisles of exciting vegetables, sauces and fish.


Hoo Hing Bletchley aisle yumdimsum


“It’s like being in the world food aisle, but ALL the time!”


Hoo Hing Bletchley chinese bowls


We came home with pak choi, tea, sweet soy and an intriguing green cake…


chinese cake


Lightest, fluffiest cake I have ever eaten! Thanks Hoo Hing!

Only one more day of being super naughty left- it may be the first day of 2013 but who in their right mind is going to be good when nursing that national hangover?! Happy New Year everyone, enjoy those cocktails!


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