Fake Cake

March 14, 2013

Must. Find. Sugar. Substitute!

The quest for low carb desserts continues. I took my keto bread recipe, added 2 tbsp unsweetened cocoa powder and created cupcakes!

Low carb keto cake chocolate Green & Blacks dark chocolate

The saving grace is the luscious, 85% cocoa Green & Blacks melted and smothered on top. 70%+ dark chocolate is keto friendly: hoorah! Usually chocolate in such a raw form tastes really bitter, but I’ve been sugar deprived for so long it was like sweet, sweet nectar!

Chocolate low carb keto cake

Low carb keto chocolate cake Green Blacks dark chocolate


Less than 4g carb per cupcake, 1g of which is sugar. Yes really! You won’t find a sweet(ish) treat better than that!

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