Celebrating at ME London

December 13, 2016

As if I hadn’t heard about it enough over the last few months, the end of the world happened recently.

Q turned 30.

I get it: saying good bye to a decade and entering a scary new one that seems so much more grown up… Personally I think the thirties are going to be incredible, we have so much planned! But thinking about the here and now, I knew that I needed to make sure this birthday was a good one; a pain-free, fun-filled transition into the next milestone!


Planning this birthday became an exercise in obsessing over finding the best damn places in London. Endless lunch breaks pouring over Trip Advisor, bookatable and blog posts I finally decided on one of the most contemporary Hotels that London has to offer.

ME hotel has never been on our radar and for the life of me I do not know why. It’s well established, sitting pretty and inconspicuously on The Strand, hiding behind its insignificant concrete exterior an absolutely incredible sensory experience.


As the door is pulled open on your arrival, you’re instantly hit with a sensual fragrance which follows you throughout the hotel, they must be pumping it through the air conditioning! Reception is on the first floor and as you glide along marble floor, past sculptural columns of metal and enter an increasingly black area to catch the lift, it feels as though you are boarding a space craft.


The lobby is without doubt the most beautiful I have ever seen, and quite possibly one of the most beautiful spaces in general that I have been in. A marble, triangular interior stretches up 10 floors into the air, revealing a shard of light at the top. Hypnotic images and patterns are projected onto the walls. After checking in we took a seat with a welcome glass of prosecco. Q gave me a look of, “Wow,” and I gave him one back of, “I know.”

I mentioned when booking that it was Q’s birthday and we were kindly upgraded to a bigger room. Glasses empty we took another lift to our floor and the doors opened to reveal a completely black space lit only by the odd spotlight. There is no sense of time up here and it’s eerily quiet save for the faint whirr of the air conditioning. We were in the belly of the space ship now! In direct contrast to the black marble walls and black carpet, the rooms open up to reveal a light and airy space, though just as contemporary.




(aww look at him! <3)

We entered our lovely room to find rose petals on the bed, a birthday message written on the wall, champagne on ice, a cake and even a birthday balloon!




We spent a pretty long time in here, enjoying the champagne, laughing a lot (really enjoying the champagne) and soaking up how incredibly beautiful it all was. We were in just the right spot to watch the sun setting over The Strand, the Christmas decorations slowly lighting up below.


When dinner time rolled around we headed out into Chinatown. The ME Hotel is home to super trendy restaurant STK, but my obsessive research had me deciding against it. Whilst the interior looks absolutely stunning I really didn’t like the idea of a live DJ blasting at me whilst I try to eat and talk. Instead we went smaller scale with a feast at Viet Food. I didn’t photo this because I felt it was important to have some ‘us’ time without a camera always present… sorry guys! I can assure you however that the food is great, check it out!



After a big meal, more drinks, a wonder around London (looking beautiful at this time of year) and a session on top of Hotel ME at Radio Rooftop, we headed back to our room… to find it had turned pink!


I couldn’t get enough of standing in the window bay staring out at the city.

Perhaps this is the thirty in both of us (I’m not far behind) but we both really enjoy a good bed. Surely everyone enjoys that though, right? Nothing beats a marshmallow hotel bed, which ME of course had. It was the kind that is so huge that you can both star fish and barely touch. The kind that has you drifting off into a champagne fuelled slumber as soon as your head hits the pillow…

We awoke to find our pink room returned to a crisp white. London was calling and with hungry stomachs it was time to check out and catch an early lunch!


The journey down to check out was a bit of a sad experience as neither of us wanted to leave! I cannot recommend the hotel enough for wow factor and customer service. They bent over backwards for us and Q and I have definitely found a new happy place in Hotel ME. We’ll be back!


Bags packed our sad feet shuffled towards the nearest burger place… guaranteed to make us happy again. There are so many burger restaurants in London that are on my hit-list it’s almost dutiful to tick one off whenever possible! This time we chose to try out Meat Market for the first time.



Customer service was a far cry from what we’d experienced back at the hotel. Their front of house guy insisted we had to wait outside in the (freezing!) cold because they weren’t taking orders for 5 minutes. Meany pants. He seemed to have very little patience for anyone who wasn’t in-the-know on how Meat Market operated. Once we could order we chose two ‘dead hippie’ burgers with fries and onion rings.


It was a pretty long wait thanks to an army of Deliveroo guys coming in and stealing the kitchen’s attention, but thankfully Meat Market has a great soundtrack to keep you entertained.




The burgers come wrapped up in little waxy paper parcels which I love. The burgers themselves are small but tall, with double patties enveloped in rich, melty cheese. They’re good, they’re tasty, but I’ve definitely had better. Not a patch on Honest Burger or Patty & Bun for me. Very happy to have ticked them off the list though! Burger domination continues…

Aaah, 24 wonderful hours celebrating 30 years in London! As always, the capital showed us a damn good time; I think it did a good job of stopping the world from ending. Definitely check out ME Hotel for the next special occasion in your life, I think you’d have to be mad to be disappointed.

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