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Dinesty Dumpling House Vancouver

September 13, 2016

Over a third of Vancouver’s population is East Asian and as a result the vast majority of restaurants in the city are Chinese, Japanese, Vietnamese and Korean cuisine. It’s basically heaven for anyone who loves their noodles/rice/sushi and of course like Q and I… dumplings!

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Breakfast in Vancouver: Catch 122

September 11, 2016

Well. After 8 years of Q and I talking about how much we’d love to visit Vancouver, we’ve finally gone and done it! I cannot believe I’m actually here and writing this post from our sky high apartment in the heart of the city. Fast cars are zooming by below and the sun is shining on the mountains in the distance. Mountains as the backdrop for a city, what an absolute dream!

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Helsinki Hot Spots

December 21, 2014

Helsinki isn’t at the forefront of tourist destinations, but it should be. It’s a wonderful city with beautiful architecture, endless shopping and fantastic food & drink. This was my third trip over so I’m starting to know it pretty well. Each time I’ve visited it’s been around Christmas and let me say it’s a perfect festive break! The city has really beautiful and comes to life with Christmas lights.
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Calabash Cove

May 23, 2013

It seems only right to make my last post on St Lucia about my last night in St Lucia. And it only seemed right that our last evening on that stunning little island should be somewhere equally beautiful.

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