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June 24, 2013

I like to take photos of my food. A lot. I’m that person at your table who sheepishly sneaks out their phone to immortalise their meal before digging in.

So here’s a little show & tell of my foodie adventures over the last month!

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RR Cherrypie

October 31, 2012
Spanish crisps

One of my favourite things about going on holiday is walking into a foreign super market and looking at all the local food. It all becomes very exciting; suddenly the humble chocolate covered digestive or carton of juice becomes a brilliant new discovery, worthy of sneaking out your camera for a picture. Yea, we’ve all done it!

But who knows about holiday crisps? This is a question for the true foreign snack fans. They’re the bag of crisps that look like all the rejects from the Wotsits, Quavers and Wheat Crunchy factories got together for a party. They go stale really quick and you’re never quite sure what flavour it is you’re eating, but dammit if you’re heart doesn’t light up when you seek out that elusive little bag on the shelf!

Spanish crisps


Well, if you know about holiday crisps and the world-food aisle of your local supermarket holds your attention longer than any other, chances are you’ll love this little YouTube sensation. I discovered RR Cherrypie about a year ago when I was struggling to sleep and what initially began as one Japanese boy’s hobby soon grew into an internet brand that’s now run by a group of people. RR Cherrypie is essentially show & tell. Show & tell that is, of the weirdest, most bizarre confectionery you will ever see. Seriously, this shit makes space candy look about as exciting as your Grandad’s slippers.


See, whilst Western confectionery companies prefer to keep their consumers blissfully unaware of the laboratory processes and general chemical Frankensteinery that goes into the making of their products, Japan chooses to celebrate it. In fact the main selling point of this Japanese candy is the ability to make it all yourself… from creepy little sachets of powder.

There’s no talking, no music and no gimmicks… well apart from the subject matter. This is just really well filmed demonstrations of sweets that would make British & American regulation boards fall off their chairs.





What You Will Learn From RR Cherrypie:

  1. All food is begins with white powder.
  2. White powder = green/ blue/ pink.
  3. Not enough water = plenty of water.
What You Will Learn About Yourself From RR Cherrypie:
  1. You are an impatient, clumsy imbecile.
  2. You don’t actually mind vegetables.
  3. You want to go to a Japanese super market. Like, NOW.

Check it out. Have your mind blown.

China Town London

October 28, 2012
Boba jam london waffles cover

Its been a while since we went on a trip to London so pay day seemed like a good excuse to wonder in for some Chinese food.

Not that we could have picked a worse day for it, Winter seemed to come over night and it was FREEZING! Icy winds and rain meant one thing: eat the cold away. Continue Reading…