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My Favourite Things to do in St Lucia

March 5, 2018

With palm trees and blue seas it can be quite easy to view St Lucia as a destination for doing nothing other than plonking yourself under the sun and baking all day. The resorts are of course all geared up for doing just that and I’ve spent many an hour happily gorging on Vitamin D.

But tropical climates don’t just mean beautiful blue skies and the reason that St Lucia is such an incredibly lush island is that it rains… rather a lot. One minute you can be falling asleep on your sun lounger with the hot sun in your eyes and the next minute you’re rudely awakened by big, warm raindrops splashing down on you! The showers are usually short and sharp, and the weather in general is like a chameleon. Always changing moods.

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Where to Eat in St Lucia

February 28, 2018

This was my fourth trip to the island and having spent over two months there in total, along with the local knowledge of my in-laws who have lived there for a decade, I like to think that I know St Lucia pretty well by now.

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Settling into St Lucia

February 21, 2018

Aaaah St Lucia…

This was my first ever Winter holiday, and I soon learned that they’re not at all like the Summer kind. First off, they are met with very different reactions to a trip in say July or August. No one reading this needs reminding that January and February are miserable months and that everyone unites in feeling a little glum and a lot fed up of the darkness and cold that at this point, starts to feel like it will never, ever go away.

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Why Vancouver Was The Best Holiday I’ve Ever Had

January 23, 2018

In September 2016 Q and I realised a long-time dream and spent two unforgettable weeks in Vancouver. I have had a lifetime love for Canada despite, until this visit, having never been there, nor having any family ties with the country. Weird huh? I think it all began with watching The Raccoons as a child. I grew up being drawn to large lakes, giant trees and even bigger mountains. In my adulthood nothing has changed and I find myself (living in the flattest part of the UK, ugh!) constantly craving dramatic landscapes.

We flew out to Vancouver with crossed fingers that the city and surroundings would live up to our expectations and (spoiler alert) it ended up doing so in every way possible…. but you knew that from the title. Here’s why:

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2017 Best Nine

December 31, 2017

Well. Despite being one where I’ve had to lie a little lower in the name of wedding preparations it’s still turned out to be a fantastic year of restaurants, recipes and discoveries. ‘Best nine’ becomes increasingly popular year on year, but for me it’s not about how many likes I got but which experiences were the most memorable. So, here’s my personal 2017 best nine!

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