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Things to do in York

April 30, 2017

York is up there as one of my favourite cities in the UK. This place isn’t just steeped in history, it’s positively swimming in it. Nearly every building is old and quaint and lovely, the inner city is surrounded like by a giant stone wall, there’s ghost tours, there’s people dressed as Vikings, there’s tea shops where the staff wear frilly aprons and pubs that seem as old as time itself. Stepping into York is like stepping back in time.

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Milton Keynes Food Awards

April 9, 2017

Do you remember original 90s Masterchef? The one with Lloyd Grossman in the black studio with the neon blue, red and yellow kitchens? I loved that show as a kid. And whilst I think most viewers would be cast off into imagining how wonderful it would be to compete and win a show like that, I was contemplating what a cool job it would be to judge. I suppose that’s where the beginning of my love for reviewing food came from. How very lucky I feel now that I’m all grown up, that I get to have a go at being a food judge right here in my hometown.

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