Dinesty Dumpling House Vancouver

September 13, 2016

Over a third of Vancouver’s population is East Asian and as a result the vast majority of restaurants in the city are Chinese, Japanese, Vietnamese and Korean cuisine. It’s basically heaven for anyone who loves their noodles/rice/sushi and of course like Q and I… dumplings!

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Breakfast in Vancouver: Catch 122

September 11, 2016

Well. After 8 years of Q and I talking about how much we’d love to visit Vancouver, we’ve finally gone and done it! I cannot believe I’m actually here and writing this post from our sky high apartment in the heart of the city. Fast cars are zooming by below and the sun is shining on the mountains in the distance. Mountains as the backdrop for a city, what an absolute dream!

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The Swan Great Horwood

September 7, 2016
swan great horwood review cover

It’s been battle of The Swans recently on the blog! I’ve been doing something of a tour around the pubs in my local area with reviews; it’s actually made me appreciate just how many incredible pubs there are in my corner of the world. Good British grub is one of my favourite genres of food… I feel it’s good for the soul, y’know? There’s something intensely¬†comforting and familiar about it (who doesn’t feel warm and fuzzy after a lovely roast?) and yes, whilst I’m one of those people who will happily guzzle gravy all year round, we can all agree that rich meats and starches taste all the better when darkness begins to creep in, like it’s beginning to now. *sigh*

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Pudding Club

August 27, 2016
pudding club crooked billet cover

First rule of pudding club… well no actually, I wouldn’t be a very good food blogger if I didn’t tell you about it!

I’ve only really seen pudding clubs on TV programmes; I remember Rick Stein going to one and it looked glorious. It seemed like one of those things you only get to experience if you live in an affluent, beautiful village steeped in Englishness. (Englishness?)

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