New Look For Summer

July 25, 2016
swan woburn sands cover

Well it looks like Summer finally showed up. The problem I have with Summer is that I live in a flat. A flat without a balcony, which means no al fresco dining or BBQ’s for yours truly; time to get that tiny violin out.

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Keto Brownies

June 30, 2016
Keto brownie girl eats world recipe

I’ve been living that low carb life again of late. Like for so many others I find it such a good way to drop a few pesky pounds and lose the bloat. Very handy for special occasions! But as always low carb means no sugar, and no sugar means me climbing the walls in need of something sweet. Nothing quite like a deprived sweet tooth to inspire some creativity!

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June 11, 2016
Smashburger milton keynes cover

Burgers are one of my favourite foods (I thought they were everyone’s until I recently met a girl who didn’t like them, but that’s another story) particularly for the fact that something so simple can be so vastly characteristic from place to place. You’ve got the juicy number at Patty & Bun, the smoky soft Honest Burger, the oh so cheesy Five Guys…

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Summer at The Black Horse

June 6, 2016
Black horse woburn summer menu cover

You know those conversations that divide people over what combination of courses is best: whether you’re a starter and main sort of person, or a main and dessert person? Well, the correct combination is of course all of them. Specifically: five.

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