The New Spring Menu at Byron Burger

May 10, 2018

In my eight years of food blogging I couldn’t tell you how many times my friends have asked me to make them my plus one on a review. But I could tell you how many times I have met their requests:

None. (Whoops)

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Brewhouse & Kitchen: A Sneak Peek and Beer Masterclass

April 25, 2018

Milton Keynes, being the oh so weird (we can dress it up as much as we want fellow residents, but the weirdness is undeniable) and wonderful place that it is, doesn’t have a high street as such. Instead we have hubs and centres and districts where we gather to socialise, shop and eat.

Most infamously of all in my opinion, is the Theatre District.

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Q’s Chicken Katsu

April 15, 2018

One day about two years ago, Q woke up with the ambition to master a homemade chicken Katsu. It’s one of his favourite dishes and now that he’s nailed it, we get to enjoy them at home!

This is a meal that can be cooked in around 20 minutes. It’s speedy and absolutely delicious!

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What I Got up to in Scotland For Easter

April 8, 2018

My dad is Irish. My mum is Welsh. I live in England. But you’d be forgiven for thinking that I had some Scottish blood for all that I go on about it, how much I love it and over the past two years, how much I have visited.

Thing is it’s got all the things that I love the most: hearty food, dramatic landscapes, ancient architecture and a sense of adventure. I also have family who live not too far from Trossachs National Park so Bank Holidays are a great excuse to drive up and visit them. From Milton Keynes it takes 6 hours in the car: sure it’s a long drive but manageable. We spent three wonderful days this time.

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My First Taste of Spring at The Swan, Salford

April 3, 2018

“But what if you don’t like the food? What do you do?!”

It’s a question I’m often asked by friends, family and strangers. And it’s a valid one. I’m being invited to experience a menu and to share the experience with anyone who finds their way to my corner of the internet. So if the food is awful it’s a bit of a predicament, right?

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